Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort


Goryu is connected with Hakuba 47 at the top and use a common lift ticket. Goryu also has a village making it a great spot to stay. Goryu Ski Resort also provides views of Mt Goryu from the trop.

Goryu is slightly larger than Hakuba 47 and has 16 courses and 13 lifts. Goryu is 25% beginner, 40% intermediate and 25% advanced. Goryu has three major skiing zones. The Toomi Zone is mainly for beginner runs and night skiing and the Iimori Zone has beginner and intermediate runs. Then there is the Alps-Daira Zone in the upper regions of the resort which mainly has intermediate runs.

Goryu only has 3 black piste trails and unfortunately off-piste skiing at this resort is prohibited.

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