Hakuba Valley Lift Pass - Hakuba

Hakuba Valley Lift Pass

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Hakuba Valley Lift Pass

The Hakuba Valley Lift Pass gives you access to a huge snow resort area across 3 major regions of the Northern Alps, Hakuba, Otari and Omachi which includes 10 mountain resorts.

Pass holders can access the Hakuba Valley inter-resort shuttle system free of charge making trips to different resort quick and easy.

Hakuba Valley Resorts

10 Resorts Included

  1. Happo-One
  2. Hakuba 47
  3. Goryu
  4. Cortina
  5. Norikura
  6. Iwatake
  7. Tsugaike Kogen
  8. Jiigatake
  9. Kashimayari
  10. Sanosaka


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The Hakuba Valley Lift Pass

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1 day ticket¥6,471¥3,765Valid only on the day of purchase
2 day ticket¥ 11,647¥6,471Valid for 3 days from first use
3 day ticket¥ 17,294¥9,764Valid for 5 days from first use
4 day ticket¥ 22,941¥12,823Valid for 7 days from first use
5 day ticket¥ 28,706¥16,117Valid for 9 days from first use
6 day ticket¥ 34,471 ¥19,294Valid for 10 days from first use
7 day ticket¥ 40,118¥22,471Valid for 11 days from first use
8 day ticket¥ 45,883¥25,647Valid for 13 days from first use
9 day ticket¥ 51,529¥28,941Valid for 14 days from first use
10 day ticket¥ 57,294¥32,120Valid for 16 days from first use
11 day ticket¥ 63,059¥35,294Valid for 17 days from first use
12 day ticket¥ 68,706¥38,588Valid for 19 days from first use
13 day ticket¥ 74,471¥41,647Valid for 20 days from first use
14 day ticket¥ 80,118¥44,940Valid for 22 days from first use

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