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Evergreen Outdoor Centre

Evergreen Outdoor Centre

One of Hakuba’s most popular ski schools, Evergreen offers a range of lessons for every ability at Happo-one through their International Ski School, Backcountry Guides and an Alpine Academy.

Evergreen International Ski School

Evergreen International Ski School has a program to suit all abilities and aspirations whether beginner or advanced, child or adult. They have a friendly and passionate team to take you and your family to the next level in an environment perfectly suited for delivering the perfect winter experience. Group lessons run from December through to March while private lessons run through until April. Evergreen offer group lessons for children 3-6 years old and 7 – 14 years old with lessons for all different levels of skiing and snowboarding. They also offer adult group lessons for both skiing and snowboarding for all skill levels at Happo-one Ski Resort. For those looking for a more personalised experience Evergreen offer private lessons for all abilities and gives you the choice of the resort and terrain in order to get the most our of your lesson and advance your skills. Evergreen also offer Daycare for children 18 months to 6 years old where they will spend the days doing arts and crafts, playing games, exploring the snow and much more.

Evergreen Backcountry guides

For those a little more adventurous you can look at Evergreen Backcountry Guides. Evergreen Backcountry Guides specialise in off-piste and backcountry tours from the alpine towering above Hakuba to some of the world’s best tree runs, and also offer snowshoe tours, evening snowshoe fondue tours and cross country tours on Olympic courses – a way for everyone to experience the Hakuba mountains outside the resorts.

They also offer Avalanche Skills Training (AST) courses which have been developed by the Canadian Avalanche Center and are considered the standard in recreational avalanche training.

Evergreen Alpine Academy

Shredding both sides of the boundary between the resorts and the backcountry, and with programs from 1 day through to 10 Weeks, Evergreen Alpine Academy offer gap year programs, rider development workshops, backcountry courses, career breaks, women’s programs and ski and snowboard instructor courses.

LessonHalf DayFull Day
Private Lesson¥25500 for 1 person (2 hr)¥49500 for 1 person (6 hr)
Additional person¥3500 per extra person¥4000 per extra person
Adult Group Lesson¥8500 per person (2.5hr)¥11500 per person (4.5hr)
Child Group Lesson¥9500 per child (2.5hr)¥12000 per child (4.5hr)
Day Care¥9500 per child¥12000 per child

Happo-one Ski and Snowboard School

Since 1949, Happo-one Ski and Snowboard School has been traditionally teaching snow sports. Teaching methods are continually adapted to comply with new trends and developments. The ski school offers top quality service and provides unlimited pleasure in complete safety.

They have a dynamic, friendly team that offers you a new skiing/boarding experience. They are all fully qualified instructors with years of teaching experience. Happo-one Ski and Snowboard School offer structured lesson at an exceptional price, which are tailored to your individual needs.

Happo-one Ski and Snowboard School offer group and private lessons for beginners to advanced skiers and boarders both adults and children. Lessons are available for full day (4 hours) and half day (2 hours).

Lesson2 Hour4 Hour
Private Lesson (1-2)¥24500 per instructor¥35000 per instructor
Private Lesson (3-4)¥28000 per instructor¥40000 per instructor
Private Lesson (5)¥31500 per instructor¥45000 per instructor
Additional person¥3500¥5000

Hakuba Snow Sports School

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a freestyle guru Hakuba Snow Sports School have a well-trained, friendly and professional instructor for you. Hakuba Snow Sports School is based out of Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort.

Hakuba Snow Sports School provide adult group lessons in skiing and snowboarding for 13 years old and up in groups up to 8 people. Like all their lesson programs they range from level 1 to 6. Lessons can be done in the morning, afternoon or a full day. Children’s group lessons are also available for 5-12 years old for skiing and 7 – 12 years old for snowboarding.

If you are looking for some individual coaching or you have a group who would like their own instructor, a private lesson is the way to go. Professional instructors can be booked for an hour, two hours, half days or full days. Lesson size is not limited and you pay a flat rate for the instructor’s time regardless of the number in your group.

For those eager to get on the slopes early you can book an early bird lesson where they pick you up from your accommodation between 7:30am and 8:00am for a 2 hour lesson. There is also the option to have a night lesson between 6pm and 10pm for 2 or 3 hours.

Hakuba Snow Sports School has ski and snowboard freestyle instructors available for specialized freestyle training. Whether you are a freestyle beginner or a pipe and kicker master, there is always something new to learn from trained and qualified freestyle professionals.

In conjunction with EA Ski & Snowboard they offer limited places for those with no certification to become an Instructor in the Hakuba Snow Sports School. You will take part in an early season training program, improve your skills, then sit a level 1 exam to become certified. You will then have the opportunity to join the team of instructors for the season – all before Christmas. You will need to be in quick for this opportunity which begins in late November.

Lesson2 Hour4 Hour
Adult Group Lesson¥7000 per person¥12000 per person
Child Group Lesson¥7000 per person¥12000 per person
Private Lesson¥20000 per instructor
Early bird Private Lesson¥18000 per instructor
Night Private Lesson¥18000 per instructor
Freestyle Clinic (3 hours)¥10000 per person

Hakuba 47 Ski Academy International

Hakuba47 Ski Academy International is suited to English speakers. Offering both group and private lessons in English, lessons are provided by both extremely experienced local instructors as well as native English speakers. This is the only ski school in Hakuba that is Japanese operated and specifically designed for foreigners – as an offshoot of Hakuba47 Ski Academy, which has been providing quality of lessons on this mountain since 1990 and has always been loved by both Japanese and overseas guests. Therefore, it provides excellent instruction in an authentic Japanese environment. They are delighted to teach all ages from 4 years upwards.

Lesson2 Hour4 Hour
Group Lesson¥6500¥11000
Private Lesson¥20000¥37000

Hakuba Ski Concierge

Hakuba Ski Concierge is a fully registered and resort approved ski school which operates out of Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park. Unlike other ski schools in Hakuba, Ski Concierge offers fully customized private lessons and guiding to their guests. As a result, they are able to offer a level of service and personal touch that other schools may not.


3 hours inclusive from collection to drop of

The lesson benefits include a flexible start time, a private vechile pickup, an excellent instructor that will cater the lesson to your level, choice of any resort in the Hakuba Valley, and assistance with local services.

Price: ¥35,000 for up to 5 people


6.5 hours inclusive from collection to drop off

The lesson benefits include a flexible start time, pick up in a private vehicle, and excellent instructor, choice of multiple resorts in one day, and assistance with local services.

Price: ¥60,000 for up to 5 people.

LessonHalf DayFull Day
Private Lesson¥30,000¥60,000