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Japan Ski Add Ons, Upgrades & Extras

We have put together this document to ensure all your required needs are catered for in the ski resort including ski hire, lessons, day tours and restaurant reservations. Please click the box for each service you are interested in and hit the submit button at the end of the page.

Lift Tickets

Hakuba boasts incredible diversity of terrain across its 10 resorts offering visitors nearly endless number of possible experiences. By purchasing the All Valley Pass, you will have access to all 200 runs and 130 lifts and can hit the slopes as soon as you arrive as the pass will be waiting for you at your accommodation. This pass can only be ordered online and will save you the trouble of queuing in long lines for each resort you’d like to visit.

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Ski Hire

Whether it is your first time skiing/snowboarding or if you need some super fat powder skis we have got you covered. Hakuba.com will pre-book your holiday ski hire through Central Snowsports. They will come and pick you up from your accommodation and fit you out so you can start your first day on the slopes a. As a bonus, they will drop your other shoes back to your accommodation while you are shredding!

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Adult Demo Skis OR Snowboard Set¥5,999¥11,500¥15,500¥20,500¥23,800¥27,799¥30,800¥33,800¥36,799¥39,799¥41,799¥43,799
Kids Demo Skis OR Snowboard¥3,999¥7,499¥10,000¥12,000¥14,000¥15,999¥17,999¥19,999¥22,000¥24,000¥24,999¥26,000
Adult Standard Skis OR Snowboard Set¥4,500¥8,500¥12,499¥15,500¥19,000¥21,000¥22,999¥24,999¥26,999¥29,999¥31,000¥31,999
Kids Standard Skis  OR Snowboard¥3,500¥6,500¥8,000¥9,499¥10,999¥12,499¥14,000¥15,500¥17,000¥18,500¥19,499¥20,500


In Hakuba we accommodate group or private lessons through several great ski schools based in Happo-One and Hakuba 47/Goryu Resorts. Group Lessons are enjoyable and provide a wonderful opportunity to meet new people! The teaching structure is divided into various levels. We will guide you to the ideal program for your individual needs and standard.


    Adult PRICES

    2 Hour Group : ¥7,000
    Full Day : ¥17,000
    Private 2 Hours: ¥19,999
    Private 3 Hours: ¥35,000
    Private Full Day: ¥54,999

  • Afternoon GROUP LESSON (2 HOURS)

    Kids PRICES

    2 Hour Group : ¥7,000
    Full Day : ¥17,000
    Private 2 Hours: ¥19,999
    Private 3 Hours: ¥35,000
    Private Full Day: ¥54,999

Snow Monkeys and Temple Tour

The first stop of this amazing tour is Jigokudani Park home to the world famous hot spring monkeys. Enjoy a beautiful stroll through the beautiful park before watching the monkeys bathe, eat, and clean each other.  The next stop is the 8th century budhist temple, Zenkoji, which has been designated as a national treasure by the Japanese government. The tour includes entry fees and a traditional Japanese lunch.


    AUD $150
    AUD $100

Nozawa Fire Festival

Join us as we travel to Nozawa Onsen on January 15th for one of Japan’s most exhilarating cultural experiences. During the annual festival, 42 and 25 year old men take on special roles as attackers and defenders respectively of a massive wooden Shinto shrine which they personally built from local mountain timber. The entire battles lasts up to 4 hours, and those in attendance are treated to sake compliments of the local village.


  • Return Bus Ticket (Departs at 16:30)
    ¥9,000 per person
  • Return Bus Ticket (Dinner Included, 15:00 Departure)

Restaurant Reservations

Reserve a table at three of Hakuba’s most exclusive dining venues, Mimi’s and Sharaku. Mimi’s uses the best locally sourced produce and meats to serve classic European dishes reimagined for the Japanese palate. Sharakau, on the other hand, serves the finest sushi shipped daily from the famous Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. Bernd’s Keller offer Authentic Austrian Alpine cuisine on the base of the Nakiyama Slope.