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Valentine’s Day in Hakuba– Mimi’s Restaurant and Bar

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone in Hakuba’s most intimate and romantic restaurant. The elegant atmosphere, incredible service led by expert sommeliers, and the delicious European dishes re-imagined with the freshest local Japanese ingredients combine for an experience so luxurious your partner will never forget.

Trained in Italy, Executive Chef Shimamoto-san serves traditional European dishes infused with Local Shinsu Nagano ingredients creating tastes and smells so unique you will never find them elsewhere. For example, the Salmon served at Mimi’s is a crossbreed of rainbow and brown trout which takes 10 years of cultivation.

Shimamoto-San has hand crafted a beautiful 7-course menu specifically for Valentine’s Day featuring magnificent Miyagi Oysters, Salmon and Sea scallops, delicious Chestnut Ravioli and Lobster Pappardelle and the highest quality Wagyu Steak.

The Miyagi Oysters are famous for their impressive size and flavour.
Raised in the clear streams of Hakuba, the strong taste characteristic of salmon is absent, instead offering a refined elegant flavour.
Chestnut Raviolio prepared with the freshest ingredients from the Nagano area.

Mimi’s Full Valentine’s Day Dinner Course Can Be Found Below

In typical Japanese fashion, the food offered in Mimi’s is chosen not merely because of its flavours and uniqueness but also because of its health giving properties – food to nourish the body and soul! It is the perfect place for you and your special someone. Book now while availability lasts.


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