Mimi's Restaurant Hakuba: Sergio the Sommelier Shares his Story


Mimi’s: Sergio’s Story

Good morning, Everyone!

My name is Sergio Raso, I’m 38 and I’ve been sommelier from 2012, but I was working in the Hospitality sector since 2004. My favorite part of my work is the pairing of wines, because in my opinión it is the best way to enjoy and at the same time  have a good experience !
Mimi’s has the largest selection of wine in the Hakuba Valley.
Choosing the right bottle for the right dish, it’s for me the most important thing you have to do after or before choosing your dish.
Mimi’s offers traditional European dishes re-imagined for the Japanese palate and sourced with the freshest local ingredients.
I worked in Tuscany in Enoteca in a fine dining restaurant during my last 8 years, where I enjoy and learn so much beautiful things which I like to share with people… I ‘m so glad to have had  this possibility to work in Hakuba! I take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone !!
Big hug,
Sergio Raso

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